Ray started taking commercially developed colored photographs over 30 years ago, resulting in several awards from local amateur photo contests. Over the next several years he attended local workshops and developed working relationships with two well-known local photographers picking up “secrets” that lead to his unique style.

Ray enjoys traveling and much of his subject matter is a photographic diary. He has the ability to see through the ordinary and mundane, creating art that pulls the observer into the body of his works. His work evokes memories of days gone by, idyllic scenes that beckon your call; and still life that allow moments in time to be captured and held forever.

Ray uses a 70 year old Graflex XL medium format camera, and develops, processes, mounts and frames all his own work. Prints are limited edition and available matted, or framed in black metal frames or vintage hand-picked frames.

Ray’s work can be seen at numerous art shows throughout the east coast or by appointment at his in-home studio.